Profit the only concern of private healthcare

Simon Hamilton

Minister must scrap privatisation plans

‘Transforming Your Care’ – the blueprint for the future of health and social care services needs to be scrapped in the light of the closure of seven nursing homes by one of the biggest private residential/ nursing home providers  in Northern Ireland.

Party spokesperson Lily Kerr said, “What clearer proof does the minister need than this announcement  to realise that if the private sector can’t make a profit they are not interested in providing care”?

“By the ministers own admission ‘Transforming Your Care’ is predicated on the provision of residential, nursing and domiciliary care moving  to the private and voluntary sectors.  He must now accept that our elderly and vulnerable citizens are not commodities to be bought and sold and accept that profit making has no place in the delivery of health care”, Lily said.

” I am calling on all those political parties who rushed to support ‘Transforming Your Care’ to now publicly call for its ending and support the Workers Party in our call for an open honest and transparent debate on the provision of  our most important service”, Lily concluded.

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