People want a rapid humanitarian response

Refugees Welcome

Refugees Welcome

Party representative in Upper Bann, Damien Harte has asked the local Council to set out its plans for welcoming refugees to the Borough.

“Currently there are plans for to receive as few as 50 to 100 refugees and asylum seekers across Northern Ireland by Christmas.  There is a very clear ground swell of popular support welcoming for refugees,” Damien said.

“We have witnessed civic society showing leadership and playing its part.  People have been collecting essential supplies for distribution.  We cannot and will not let this support be lost.

Safe and secure

“We need Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council to follow the lead of local people.  We need to know how many people will be welcomed into the Borough and we need to know  that they will have  safe and secure accommodation and access to a full range of support”, added Damien

“I am also urging the Assembly at Stormont to take a lead and, working with all the relevant statutory agencies, expedite the settling of these vulnerable people, so that they may continue their lives”.

Stop the bombing

While it is important that we respond quickly and comprehensively at a local and regional level we must also address the root causes of the problem and the reasons why so many thousands of people have fled across international borders. Only an end to the US and NATO interventions in Syria, Libya and Iraq which have provoked the current crisis can do that,” Damien concluded.

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