Racist graffiti removed

No room for racsim

No room for racsim

Racist and anti immigrant graffiti daubed on walls in west Belfast has been removed by local members of the Workers Party.

Party member Joanne Lowry explained.

‘Local residents contacted Party members when they saw the graffiti on Monday morning. It was racist, extremely offensive and completely contrary to the view of the local community which has been outspoken in its support for the refugees currently struggling to find sanctuary and safety’ Joanne said.

‘We quickly organised  a team to paint over the offending slogans and contacted the Northern Ireland Housing Executive to discuss arrangements for its complete removal’, she added.

‘West Belfast is a warm and welcoming community, so it is very important that we let everyone  know that we have  no time  for racists and no room for racism. The prompt response to this incident and the outrage it has caused amongst the local community has been very heartening’ said Joanne



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