Community must stand against barbarism

Vicious, brutal and callous murder

Vicious, brutal and callous murder

Workers Party representative in East Belfast, Kevin McNally, has condemned lasts night’s murder in the Short Strand area as ‘vicious, brutal and callous’ and ‘a stark reminder of the agenda of some people in this society’.

“The murder of Kevin McGuigan was vicious, brutal and callous. It is an assault on the whole community ” he said.

“There are still people and groups in our society who think they can act with impunity and murder people outside their own front door. This murder is a stark reminder to us of the agenda that some people are still determined to pursue”, added Kevin.

‘There is no place in east Belfast, or elsewhere, for terrorist murderers. We must stand together and demonstrate our complete abhorrence and our total condemnation in the face of such barbarous acts. Anyone with any information, no matter how slight, should contact the PSNI to assist them in their investigation’, Kevin concluded

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