Sectarianism has nothing to offer

Sectarianism in the Assembly plays out on the streets

Sectarianism in the Assembly plays out on the streets

Party spokesperson in East Belfast, Kevin McNally, has condemned a spate of sectarian graffiti and an attack on a memorial in the Willowfield and Newtownards Road areas.

‘This is as lamentable as it is predictable’ said Kevin ‘ as we start into another summer the same old sectarian tribalism is dragged onto our streets to heighten tensions, mark out territory and lay the groundwork for community confrontation’

‘The people behind the sectarian graffiti and the attacks have absolutely nothing positive to offer the people of east Belfast. What we are witnessing on our streets is a mirror image of the sectarian dogfight that passes as politics in the Assembly.’,  Kevin added.

‘The reality is that the ‘lead’ given by the main political parties in Northern Ireland continues to play out with potentially deadly consequences on our streets’,  Kevin concluded.

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