Workers Party condemns Glengormley flags and graffiti

Tribalism and triumphalism

Tribalism and triumphalism

The Workers Party has condemned the spate of lamppost flags and graffiti which have appeared in the Glengormley / Netwownabbey areas in the past few days as

‘an attempt to raise community tensions and an extension of the sectarian campaigns waged by Sinn Fein and the DUP during the recent Westminster election campaign’

Party representative Gemma Weir said “This has nothing to do with culture or national identity. It has everything to do with tribalism, triumphalism and fomenting community conflict. ‘Given the nakedly sectarian stance of Sinn Fein and the DUP during the recent election campaign it is little wonder that we are now witnessing this type of behaviour on our streets’, she said.

‘Tribal spokesmen will attempt to justify their actions but the reality remains that this is all designed to be confrontational, territorial and sectarian’ Gemma said

‘I have been in touch with the PSNI Community policing team in the area to discuss the Workers Party concerns about increasing tensions and those discussions will be on-going. In the meantime those responsible for the graffiti and the flags on lampposts have the opportunity to reflect and draw back and I would urge them to do so’, urged Gemma.

‘These loyalist and nationalist gangs are hijacking the public space to wage their petty sectarian squabbles. They are neither wanted nor welcome’, concluded Gemma.

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