Comments touch a nerve with Telegraph Editor

'Demeaning and offensive  article - but not according to the paper's editor

‘Demeaning and offensive article – but not according to the paper’s editor

The letter written by Party General Secretary John Lowry criticising an article in the Belfast Telegraph as ‘demeaning and offensive to women’ has clearly hit a nerve with the paper’s editor, Gail Walker.

The article entitled ‘So which Northern Ireland candidates are topping the poles?’ prioritised four female candidates, among them the Party’s north Belfast candidate Gemma Weir, and commented on their looks, their clothes and their make up.

In her response Ms Walker chooses to ignore the original criticisms and instead launches a vitriolic attack on Workers Party economic policy!

See Gail Walkers response here:

Reply from Gail Walker, Editor of the Belfast Telegraph

See the Party’s letter of complaint here:

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