Poling Day Statement

Standing Up To Austerity

Standing Up To Austerity

Voters know ‘the main parties are to blame’

‘Voters in this election know that cuts to public spending are the direct result of the decision by the five main parties and the business community to seek a reduction in Corporation Tax’ – the Workers Party has claimed in its polling day statement.

‘The Stormont Executive Parties cannot pass everything off as the responsibility of the Tories at Westminster’ the Workers Party said.

‘Since the Stormont budget was passed in January on a daily basis we have had daily announcements about how the cuts are affecting local education, health, community and voluntary services and of course the loss of 20,000 public sector jobs as a direct result of the Stormont decision to ‘rebalance’ the local economy’ the statement added.

The party has urged voters to reflect on that before they cast their vote on Thursday. ‘Instead of borrowing £700m to fund job losses the monies should be used to fund a programme of building badly needed new homes, creating jobs in the construction industry and boosting the local economy’ the Party said.

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