Marching Against Austerity on May Day


Workers Party members took their usual place in today’s May Day Parade in Belfast, this year bringing a very clear anti-austerity message.

Today was an opportunity to physically demonstrate the opposition the Party has been voicing during the current election campaign and a chance to publicly express the anger and frustration with the five Executive Parties which has been all too evident during door to door canvassing.

The most damaging cuts here have been those engineered by the five Executive parties.  Along with the business community, they have campaigned for a reduction in Corporation Tax: something which even the Tories did not propose.

Ordinary people are paying the price 

To offset the cost of lowering Corporation Tax for big business, Sinn Fein, the DUP, SDLP, Alliance Party and Ulster Unionists, are taking 20,000 jobs out of the public sector and are significantly reducing public spending on education, public transport, the community and voluntary sector and the arts. They will make up the shortfall by selling off public assets like the Belfast Harbour Estate.

These are not Tory Cuts; they are the price the people of Northern Ireland are paying for lowering Corporation Tax.

Along with the Trade Union movement the Workers Party took that message to the streets of Belfast this afternoon.

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