Northern Ireland Conference

It’s all about Class

It’s all about class 

The Workers Party’s annual Northern Ireland Conference will be held on Saturday 25 October in the Grosvenor Hall, Glengall Street, Belfast.

Because it’s not a policy making conference the debate and discussion is  often more robust and open.

This year we’ll be discussing a range of issues from the future shape of devolution to racism, the economy, women, health and social care services, water charges and fracking.

We’ll be raising the questions that seldom get asked, providing the analysis that others don’t and highlighting the uncomfortable truths about the society we live in.

And, unlike any other party, we’ll not be afraid to say that despite  the ongoing austerity agenda and the myth that ‘we are all in this together’  the facts are that the rich are getting richer and the wealthy are not  suffering. Not now. Not ever.

You’re welcome to attend and to contribute if you wish.

Invitation WP Conf 2014

1 thought on “Northern Ireland Conference

  1. Excellent analysis and timely debate around the real issues facing our society and the working class in particular. The sectarian nature of northern Ireland politics and fostering of class divisions at all levels of our society by the main Assembly political parties was well exposed at the conference as was the threat of privatization of public assets such as the health service and water. The scandal of segregated education and the failure of the current education minister to fulfill his legislative duty regarding integrated education for our children remains a serious ongoing concern to all those hoping for a better future for our children and wishing to see and end to religious sectarianism. Guest speakers from trade unions, education and health sectors, including Dawn Purvis from the Marie Stopes Clinic were very well received and enlightening. In addition discussion coveted the threat from the rise of fascism in the Ukraine,
    to religious fundamentalism in the middle east, to the secret trade treaty between the US
    Eurozone, predatory privatization agenda of multinationals and their executives in government; the imperialist new world order through collaboration between the US, Europe & NATO and the threat to world peace. All in all a very constructive event. Let us remember the objective of socialists is not just to understand the world but to change it. Another world is possible. Workers of the world unite.

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