Party Youth condemns student ‘ border poll’

Keep Queens Neutral

Keep Queens Neutral

Workers Party Youth has condemned the holding of a ‘border referendum’ in Queen’s University Student’s Union claiming that it could set back student relations by years.

Lorna McLarnon of Workers Party Youth has criticised the attempts by nationalist and unionist political societies in the QUBSU to sectarianise the student body.

“While students struggle with the costs of tuition fees, food, rent, transport; as well as the stress of producing assignments and passing exams; the youth wings of the main Stormont parties are attempting to deflect them from these vital issues by placing the focus of the student body on this inherently sectarian issue.”

“You will not see a United Ireland from this poll. Nor will the United Kingdom be strengthened. The only unity coming from this poll will be the unity amongst the Orange and Green ethnic blocs of SF/SDLP and DUP/UUP/TUV.” said Lorna

Workers Party Youth is calling on those eligible to vote in the two referenda on Monday 27th October to support the campaign to Keep Queens Neutral and abstain from Referendum No.1 and vote YES in Referendum No.2.




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