Synagogue attacks condemned

Synagogue vandalised

Synagogue attacked

Gemma Weir:

‘No excuse’: Gemma Weir:


Two weekend attacks on the Jewish Synagogue in North Belfast have been condemned by local Workers Party representative Gemma Weir.

“There is no reason and no excuse for the damage caused to  Belfast’s synagogue” Gemma said. “These incidents are quite rightly being treated as  hate crimes by the PSNI and I urge anyone with any information to contact the police”.

“On a weekend when thousands of Belfast citizens demonstrated their opposition to Israeli attacks against Gaza and it’s people it is outrageous that members of the Jewish faith should be the subject of this type of mindless attack in our city. There is absolutely no connection between Israeli military attacks on Gaza and  the local Jewish religious community”, she said

“As with other types of hate crime it is important that the north Belfast community demonstrates its support for the Jewish community at this time and fully supports the PSNI in their investigation”, concluded Gemma.


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