Gaza Protests Continue

Candlelit vigil against Israeli slaughter

Candlelit vigil against Israeli slaughter

Candlelit vigil outside BBC

On a day when Gaza suffered the highest death toll since the Israeli offensive began on July 8th,  at least 87 people were reported killed – 60 of them in one area.

A candlelit protest vigil outside the BBC in Belfast marked the city’s continued and growing opposition to Israeli attacks on the civilian population of Gaza. and the justified outrage at the BBC’s and other media reporting of the situation.

Workers Party members at the vigil were making a number of demands including:

  • an immediate cessation of the Israeli attacks against Gaza;
  • an immediate end to the blockade;
  • the removal of Israeli occupation forces from all Palestinian and Arab territories;
  • the immediate end of all political, economic and military agreements between the EU and Israel;
  • an end to the occupation;
  • the immediate end to the settlements and the withdrawal of the settlers;
  • the immediate release from custody of all Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli detention;
  • the implementation of the recommendations of the Goldstone Report together with steps to hold Israel, including its political
  • and military leaders, responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity;
  • the removal of the “apartheid” wall dividing Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza


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