Once again – Belfast says ‘NO’ to racism!

Belfast says 'No to Racism'

Belfast says ‘No to Racism’

Many thought that with the success of last week’s anti – racism rally, along with today’s appalling weather,  that there would be a low turn out. But once again Belfast has said ‘No to Racism’ in its thousands.

Apologies from the First Minister Peter Robinson and from Pastor McConnell for their remarks about Muslims have not quenched public outrage and a commitment to publically oppose racism and racist attacks.

Today’s march through Belfast city centre was organised jointly by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, the Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minorities (NICEM) and Amnesty International.

While the battle against racism and racist attacks needs to continue there is also a need to pressurise the Northern Ireland Executive at Stormont on its Racial Equality Strategy which has been promised since 2007 but has yet to be published.


Photographs from today’s demonstration



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