What kind of society do we want?

Anna Lo

Anna Lo


The Workers Party has offered its full support to Alliance MLA Anna Lo and has asked her to reconsider quitting political life.

The Party’s General Secretary John Lowry praised Ms Lo for her stand against racism in the past and urged her to stay and work with all those in Northern Ireland opposed to the type of racist incidents and comments witnessed recently.

  Stark questions

“But there is a bigger discussion to be had”, said Mr Lowry “and it goes to the very heart of this society. What type of society do we want – what are its values and what are its principles”? These are the stark questions which we need to be asking ourselves”

“We cannot afford to simply view these issues as one media headline after another. We are given the impression that all is well in Northern Ireland and that it is getting better. We celebrate international cycling events and other sporting occasions, we talk of increased tourism and a feel good factor – but scratch the surface and we find a deep rooted fundamentalism and conservatism that is inherently racist, homophobic, misogynist and socially reactionary” said Mr Lowry.


“That is the true reality of life in Northern Ireland and because of it people suffer intimidation, threats and attacks, they are discriminated against, they are devalued and they are de-humanised. Those mind-sets and those cultures need to be confronted, challenged and overcome”, Mr Lowry said.

“We must start the debate about the type of society we want as a matter of urgency. The alternative is to surrender to racism, bigotry and intolerance.” concluded Mr Lowry

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