I’m Voting Workers Party

I'm Voting1

Group-Collage#6This election campaign has taken place against a backdrop of stagnation at the Assembly, racist attacks on our streets, job losses, sectarian flag waving and pending welfare reforms which will adversely affect thousands of local people and damage the Northern Ireland economy.

That is why we have been saying ‘Belfast Deserves Better’. The citizens of Belfast deserve a better quality of life, better prospects, jobs and better representation.


All along we have said that to achieve this we need change. We need to change by moving beyond unionism and nationalism. We need the  kind of change that will transform tribalism into citizenship.

 Living Wage

We need change which brings down barriers, not builds them up. We need a Living Wage for working people and change which brings a better quality of life for the people of  Belfast and beyond.

 Secure future

We need to use all the public assets we have to bring about economic change, deliver jobs and provide a secure future.

We can achieve that change with a socialist, secular and anti-sectarian agenda.

 We can achieve that change by voting Workers Party


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