A Better North Belfast is Possible

Gemma Weir & Chris Bailie

Gemma Weir & Chris Bailie

Chris Bailie and Gemma Weir, Workers Party Candidates in Oldpark and Castle, have re-stated their belief that a ‘Better North Belfast is Possible’ ahead of this Thursday’s local elections.

“I believe that North Belfast deserves better and that a better North Belfast is possible”, said Gemma Weir (Castle) “That won’t happen without people voting for it and without people demonstrating that they believe in a better quality of life and a different kind of political representation”.

 “This election gives North Belfast voters the chance to move beyond unionism and nationalism”, said Chis Bailie (Oldpark). “When we start to do that we can start to bring down barriers and lay the foundations for a united community opposed to sectarianism, racism and homophobia”.

 “We can achieve that change by voting for it this Thursday “said Chris and Gemma


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