Racism needs a united response

There is no room for racism: Weir

There is no room for racism: Weir

Workers  Party representative Gemma Weir  has called for united community response to the  recent spate of racist attacks in the north Belfast area. Her comments come  following an attack on a house in the Moyntcollyer area on Friday evening in which a window was  broken and racist graffiti  daubed on the walls.

“This  is the second racist attack on north Belfast residents in the past few weeks.  Cars were burnt and damaged in the Whitewell area last week and now we have  another attack only a few miles away”, said Gemma.

United community response

“Racism  is wrong. There is no room for it in our society and it must be met with a  determined and united community response. It  is important that everyone condemns these attacks without reservation and that  anyone who does seek to justify them is confronted and denounced. A united and  actively anti-racist community response is the only way to counter these hate  crimes. The first steps in that initiative are to show support to our neighbours  and bring any and all information about these attacks to the PSNI”, Ms Weir  concluded.

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