Party suppport for trade union protest

Change must start at Stormont

Change must start at Stormont

Workers Party members were amongst the several hundred protestors who turned out in support of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions  demonstration against the ineffectiveness of the Assembly, cuts to public services,  welfare reform, high unemployment a stagnant economy and a rise in paramilitary  violence.,

The Party sees one of the main  obstacles to progress as the sectarian political  parties, loyal only to their respective tribes and the their sectarian policies.  These are the main reasons why we why we continue to have localised conflicts over parades, protests and flags.
None of these parties represent working class interests and all are quite  happy to implement cuts to public services, reduce taxes for multi-national  corporations and perpetuate division in society

What type of society do we want?

What we urgently need is a real discussion about the type of society we live  in and the kind of values it upholds. The Party has called for the reform the  Assembly, a Bill of Rights, and  a new Civic Forum as the first steps towards  political progress.
But as long as the Assembly is run by sectarian blocs, for as long as no one  challenges its position and for as long as the rest of the community is frozen  out of discussion, nothing is going to change.

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