Bogus ‘civil rights’ warning

An Integrated society and an integrated future

Chris Bailie: an integrated society and an integrated future

Bogus ‘civil rights’ warning

Workers Party representative for the Oldpark area Chris Bailie has warned against groups which mislead people with populist sounding programmes which merely mask their real agenda.

Speaking following a demonstration billed as a ‘march for nationalist civil rights’, Mr Bailie said,

“North Belfast urgently needs investment in social and economic projects, in our environment and in housing and education”,

“But the first steps to achieving that much needed investment have to be recognising and treating each other as citizens – not as catholic or protestants, unionist or nationalists. Civil rights are rights for all citizens not for just for one section of society”, Chris  warned. “To claim otherwise is to use social concerns to hide the real divisive and sectarian intent behind this demonstration”, he said.

“The key to making real progress in north Belfast – for  all its citizens – is to work towards an integrated society, with integrated housing, integrated education and an integrated future”, Chris concluded

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