Weir and Bailie criticise theatre ban

You can't see this

You can’t see this

The banning of a play by Newtownabbey Council has been heavily criticised by local Workers Party representatives, Gemma Weir and Chris Bailie.

“This action is outrageous but not surprising” said Ms Weir

“We live in a society ruled by sectarian parties with a government build on sectarian structures.  It should really come as no surprise that when we elect fundamentalists this is one of the outcomes”.

The people of Newtownabbey and beyond should be free to make their own decisions about what they go to see:  in the theatre, the cinema or their local community. They should also be credited with the intelligence to come to their own conclusions about it rather than have them pre-determined by backwoods men”, Ms Weir added.

Her Party colleague Chris Bailie also raised concerns about the decision.

“There is a danger that this this type of religious extremism will simply be dismissed as the ravings of a few local councillors.  However, it is very important that it is publicly challenged and confronted – especially by the many, many people who long for an enlightened and secular society”.

“Ultimately, the best way to ensure that our local arts and leisure facilities are not under the control of religious zealots is not to elect them to those positions in the first place. We will all have that chance in a few months time”, Mr Bailie concluded

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