Haass Talks: a cynical exercise in sectarian politics

Cynical exercise in sectarian politics

Cynical exercise in sectarian politics

Party statement on outcome of Haass Talks

Sinn Fein and the DUP never had any intention of reaching agreement on flags, parades and the past.

Their invitation to Richard Haass has proved to be a public con trick allowing them to go through the motions of negotiation while merely consolidating their respective positions ahead of next year’s elections.

For their part, Richard Haass and Megan O’Sullivan have done little more than propose new ways of managing division – not overcoming it.

Sectarianism and the sectarian nature of Assembly structures are the main reasons why we continue to have localised conflicts over parades, protests and flags.

What we need is a real discussion about the type of society we live in and the kind of values it upholds.

For as long as the Assembly is run on sectarian lines, for as long as no one challenges its position and for as long as the rest of the community is frozen out of discussion, nothing is going to change.

We have just witnessed a cynical exercise in the management and consolidation of sectarianism and sectarian politics. As long as people here vote for sectarian politics and sectarian parties, then this is the only future we will have.

3 thoughts on “Haass Talks: a cynical exercise in sectarian politics

    • Hi
      Haass is dealing primarily with the five parties which form the Executive: DUP, Sinn Fein, Ulster Unionists, SDLP and Alliance.

      Submissions have been made by a range of individuals, groups and parties – including the Greens. Haass has also met with Stephen Agnew the only Green Party MLA in the Assembly

  1. The North of Ireland is a better place to live since the Provo ceasefire,but its no further on the road to democracy,if anything its in a void,while one party holds a veto to progress its a non starter.Someone one are some party has to say the people deserve beytter than us sniping for them un an us uns and gert together as all of us lets us unite for a better starndard of living .forget the flags,lets us focus on health educatin.housing and then let us focus on the weee dot on this planet were we live.

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