Unionism and nationalism have failed working class people

Nbelfast 2013Unionism and nationalism have failed working class people

“Recent events in north Belfast have demonstrated once again that unionism and nationalism have failed working class people”, local Workers Party representative Christopher Bailie has said.

“Unemployment, the absence of opportunity and social and economic deprivation are the hallmarks of north Belfast working class communities. Rioting, demonstrations, counter demonstrations and the raising of sectarian tensions do nothing to alleviate them  – in fact they compound the problems that already exists”.

“Meanwhile the response of Sinn Fein and DUP – the two leading parties in the Executive – has been to lock themselves into their ritual blame game as they consolidate their respective sectarian positions”, he said

“North Belfast needs an assault on social and economic deprivation and sectarianism – not attacks on its streets”.

“I particularly make an appeal to the young people directly involved in recent attacks and demonstrations. Who represents your interests? Who is concerned about your future, your job prospects and your quality of life? It is certainly not unionism or nationalism”, said Mr Bailie

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