G8: defenders of privelege and inequality

G8: defenders of privilege and inequality

G8: defenders of privilege and inequality

The Workers Party will be supporting the major public march and rally, organised by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, to be held in Belfast on Saturday 15th June.

Assemble at Custom House Square for 12 noon and march to the City Hall.

Members, and their families, friends and supporters should make every effort to attend and participate.

What is the G8

The G8 summit will take place near Enniskillen on 16th & 17th June. The most powerful world leaders will gather to co-ordinate policies which defend privilege and inequality.

The G8 is a self selecting group of political leaders of the richest countries on earth.  They represent a mere 12% of the world’s population and yet their policies affect everyone.  The 8 heads of state come from the USA, Germany, Britain, France, Japan, Canada, Italy & Russia.

The G8 came together to provide ‘stability’ in the midst of crisis and yet 38 summits later the world is more unequal than ever.  Economic instability has grown alongside war and devastation for many.

The G8 represents a committee for the rich and the elite and does not represent ordinary working people.  We have nothing in common with them and we will not collude with the rolling out of the red carpet while the world suffers the consequences of their actions.

It is entirely appropriate to protest debate and hold cultural events which question the world we live in and seek to carve out a better tomorrow.

Want more?:  Here’s 5 Things you should know about the G8

Thanks to:  ‘Another World is Possible’ www.anotherworldispossiblebelfast.org


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