Queens criticised over G8 campus closure

G8 Closure

G8 Closure

Queens University has been criticised by the Party’s representative in south Belfast, Paddy Lynn, for its plans to close its main campus ahead of the G8 summit in Fermanagh.

Many people are extremely disappointed that Queens has taken this irrational and wholly unnecessary step.  Actions like these only contribute to the smokescreen which is being generated around the G8 Conference itself”, he said

“The university could make a much more positive and constructive contribution by undertaking an academic assessment of the effects of the austerity programmes initiated by these countries and the adverse effects it is having on the lives of millions of people”, Paddy added

In a letter to the University Vice Chancellor, Professor Sir Peter Gregson, he has also called on the university to state publicly on whose advice the campus is to be closed and to declare the basis of its risk assessment.

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