Anti-Sectarian Summit

Anti-Sectarian Summit

Anti-Sectarian Summit

Anti-Sectarian Summit

Tackling sectarianism is an uphill struggle. But that hasn’t deterred members of the Workers Party who walked to the top of Cavehill this weekend in their ‘Step out against Sectarianism’ campaign.

More than fifty party members from throughout Belfast took part in the event which came at the end of Community Relations Week.

There are now more ‘peace’ walls, barriers and gates in Belfast than there were when the Good Friday Agreement was signed and the city is probably more segregated than ever.

This week the Workers Party launched its Citizenship Charter Against Sectarianism – a five point plan designed to tackle sectarian divisions through

  • Secular, democratic government
  • Integrated Education
  • Integrated Housing
  • Bringing down the walls , and
  • An ‘Anti-Sectarian, anti-racist and anti discriminatory’ Pledge

See: Citizenship not tribal division

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