‘We need bold and imaginative initiatives to transform our society’

Sectarianism Poster croppedA new society based on the principles of active and involved citizenship, not tribal divisions, is the only way forward for Northern Ireland.

Commenting on the publication of the Sinn Fein and the DUP’s  strategy –“Together: Building a United Community” –  the Party said,

“The litmus test for any proposal on the future of Northern Ireland society is whether it seeks to eradicate sectarianism and replace it with one community actively committed to its own development – or whether it hijacks vocabulary and language to mask the fact that all it is proposing is the fine tuning of a divided society.

“Small change is the enemy of big change. We need bold and imaginative initiatives to transform our society. Unfortunately, this strategy does not provide them.

The Workers Party is calling for the adoption of a Five Point Citizenship Charter to tackle sectarianism based on:

  • Secular, democratic government
  • Integrated Education
  • Integrated Housing
  • Bringing down the walls , and
  • An ‘Anti-Sectarian, anti-racist and anti discriminatory’ Pledge

Read the Party’s statement and details of the Citizens Charter in full here: 

Citizenship – not tribal division  and  Anti-sectarian Citizenship Charter

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