Real politics real messages


Real politics, real messages

May Day 2013

‘We all deserve a Better Deal’

While most political parties were busy arguing over flags, emblems and anthems, The Workers Party was marching in the annual May Day Parade through Belfast demanding a better deal on jobs, housing, health, education and all the other issues that effect working people’s lives.

The Party’s participation in the ICTU organised parade has become a noticeable feature, especially in recent years. This year Party members, friends and supporters formed a large contingent carrying placards calling for an end to sectarianism, integrated education, jobs for all and highlighting levels of child poverty in Northern Ireland.

Unionism and nationalism have failed

With  jobs being lost, prices rising, homes being re-possessed, child poverty increasing and thousands of people across the city facing a daily ‘eat or heat’ dilemma, the Workers  Party was also asking ‘What is the Assembly doing?

Unionism and nationalism have failed working class people and the new political order at Stormont is clearly out of touch with their needs. We need institutional reform to end the two all class alliances of unionism and nationalism and clear the way for real politics, real progress and a better deal for all. The answers won’t be found in anthems, flags and emblems.

May Day Parade photographs:

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