Call for Billboard Ban

Visual pollution in towns and cities

Visual pollution in towns and cities

A call for the introduction of ‘Clean City’ legislation prohibiting billboard advertising has been made by Gemma Weir, one of the Party’s representatives in North Belfast.

In a letter to Environment Minister Alex Atwood, Gemma has asked what plans the Minister has to remove this visual pollution from local towns and cities.

“Billboard advertising sites has already been tackled successfully by a number of cities worldwide including Sao Paulo in Brazil and Massachusetts and Tacoma in the United States – it is time Northern Ireland followed suit.”, said Gemma

“On one level this is a battle for an end to visual pollutants in the towns, cities and highways of Northern Ireland, but this is also about a battle for the quality and use of our public space, who controls it in whose interests and for whose benefit.

What we are witnessing in Northern Ireland, as has happened in our countries in the world is the increasing privatisation of the public sphere. Less and less of city and town centres and less and less of the countryside is now a shared location”, concluded Gemma.

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