‘Peace we have is fragile’ says McNally

East Belfast riots: There can be no justification

Workers Party East Belfast representative Kevin McNally has condemned last night’s violence in the Short Strand/Lower Newtownards Road.

“There can be no justification for the organised violence and attacks on the homes and property of entirely innocent people, many of whom were young families and the eldery”, he said.

“That such violence was clearly organised by a para military group and that shots were fired is a most worrying development and should demonstrate that the peace we have is a fragile one. As the Workers Party has stated many times, most recently in the Assembly elections, the scourge of sectarianism and the effects of segregation remain deeply rooted in Northern Ireland society.

“Unless those issues are addressed and tackled in a serious way, one which moves our society towards integration and common citizenship, then sadly the potential for a reoccurence in East Belfast and other parts of Northern Ireland remains”, Mr McNally concluded.

The immediate priority in East Belfast must be to ensure that in the next few days and weeks there is no repeat of last night’s violence. There are several marches approaching in the area and the community must unite so that the minority of people who stoke the flames of hatred and division do not succeed.

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