Thank You

Workers Party Candidates: Paddy Lynn (South Belfast), John Lavery(North Belfast), Kevin McNally (East Belfast) and John Lowry (West Belfast)

Thank you to everyone who voted for the Workers Party .

Thanks to everyone who helped in any way with the election campaign, who canvassed on behalf of the Party, who distributed leaflets, who put up posters and to everyone who made sure that the Party’s  ‘socialist, secular and anti-sectarian’ message was central to the election debate.

Whatever the result of the count over the next few days you have helped to  stake out a political space in Northern Ireland that is neither catholic nor protestant, nationalist nor unionist and challenges the culture of cuts to public services and the cosy sectarian consensus which exists in the Executive.

Whatever the outcome we still have the responsibility and the obligation to make that case and to overcome the tribal, sectarian and right wing agendas which dominate Northern Ireland politics.

That we will do.

Thank you for your continuing support.

John Lavery               Paddy Lynn            Kevin McNally           John Lowry

North Belfast           South Belfast        East Belfast            West Belfast

1 thought on “Thank You

  1. Following its monthly meeting last night The Dublin Central Branch of WP sends its congratulations to our candidates in Belfast for fighting a good campaign and achieving a decent vote in the circumstances.

    Also to relax and unwind they could attend our fundraiser on the 20th May as advertised on the party website.

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