Polling Day: Why voting Workers Party makes a difference

Because it will make a difference


What ever else you do today make time to vote            Workers Party 

The Assembly might be working for Sinn Fein and the DUP –  but it’s not delivering for the rest of us. 

There is no sign of the type of society and the quality of life we voted for and have a have a right to expect.  


  • Unemployment is the highest it’s been for over thirteen years.
  • Wages in Northern Ireland are the lowest in the United Kingdom.
  • Fewer young people graduate from university here than in England Scotland or Wales.
  • We have the highest number of young people leaving school with no academic qualifications, and
  • on top of that we pay more for petrol, diesel, home heating oil and gas than anywhere else.

And in the face of this what is the Executive’s priority? Reducing Corporation Tax so that big businesses can pay even less tax while the rest of us take the cuts.

Add to that the fact that sectarianism remains deeply rooted in this society and that Northern Ireland is as divided as it’s ever been.

It’s time for a principled left alternative at Stormont that is neither catholic nor protestant, nationalist nor unionist. With the Workers Party we can build that new political space.

That’s why your vote, your family, friends and neighbours votes are important today.

Because it will make a difference!

2 thoughts on “Polling Day: Why voting Workers Party makes a difference

  1. Hi
    read your manifesto. Great stuff. There’s so much in there -really on the money. Do you have a policy on health?

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