‘Put a socialist, secular and anti-sectarian voice in Stormont’

Workers Party Assembly Candidates: Paddy Lynn (South Belfast), John Lavery (North Belfast), Kevin McNally (East Belfast) and John Lowry (West Belfast)


The Workers Party has called on voters to put a socialist, secular and anti-sectarian voice in Stormont to stand against the cuts and the cosy sectarian consensus which exists in the Executive.

In a joint eve of poll statement the Party’s four candidates said:



“Of  the 108 current MLAs 104 belong to parties who are in the mandatory coalition. There are no alternative or opposing views and the Assembly as it exists lacks any opposition to the stale policies of the mainstream parties.

In the course of this election we found that there are many people in Northern Ireland who want a new and different type of politics, one that challenges segregation in society, provides opposition to cuts in public services and is neither unionist nor nationalist, catholic nor protestant.

To those voters who have expressed disinterest and apathy towards the Assembly but are angry and concerned for the future, we say you have the means to make a difference by voting for The Workers Party and likeminded parties and individuals in constituencies where the Workers Party is not standing a candidate.”

John Lavery               Paddy Lynn              Kevin McNally              John Lowry

North Belfast           South Belfast         East Belfast                West Belfast

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