Health and Social Care – vigilance needed says Party

Not for Profit!

Party addresses UNISON workers

Party General Secretary and Assembly candidate for West  Belfast,John Lowry, has told  a UNISON meeting  of  health service workers from across Northern Ireland that the Workers Party stands firmly against privatisation, profiteering and the agenda of right wing  politicians at Stormont and at Westminster

Threat                                                                                                                                                                                                                   “All those concerned with the future well being of Health  and Social Care Services in Northern ireland will  keep a watching eye on the proposals contained in the McKinsey Report”, he said.

“Although publicly rejected by the main parties at Stormont this report was commissioned at a cost of £320,000 and its proposals represent the greatest threat to a free NHS funded from taxation since its foundation. McKinsey is a US Global Management consultancy which has been embroiled in, amongst other things, the notorious Enron fraud”.

“Their proposals which include charging for visits to GPs and A&E departments bear an uncanny resemblance to the advice local right wing economists were publicly suggesting to the Executive as revenue raising measures ahead of our local budget “.

“We need a review of how our local Health and Personal Social Services can best deliver the services we need, but it cannot and must not be driven by those whose only concern is balance sheets and profit for private companies”, John concluded

2 thoughts on “Health and Social Care – vigilance needed says Party

  1. Good to hear this. I think the battle for the health service is far from over and is high on the right wing agenda.
    Very important that everyone works together on this.

    Spit the Dog

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