‘A brutal assault on Northern Ireland society’

A brutal assault on Northern Ireland society

The Workers Party has condemned the murder of Constable Ronan Kerr as ‘a brutal assault on Northern Ireland society’.

Constable Kerr was not killed because he was a catholic.

He was murdered because he was a policeman, the Party said.

This is a terrible tragedy for the Kerr family and a brutal assault on Northern Ireland society.

If we accept that we need a police service to assist and serve our society then as citizens we have a responsibility to support that police service and its officers. The terrorists who murdered Constable Kerr seek to use his death as an assault on everyone in Northern Ireland.

Only a united and unambiguous response by the entire community and a resolve to face down this current generation of terrorists will suffice.

As part of that response the Workers Party has welcomed the initiative taken by the trade union movement to organise public demonstrations against these barbaric and senseless attacks on the community.

Anyone with information about the murder of Constable Kerr or any potential terrorist activity should contact the PSNI immediately.

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